•Total process is online, no offline documents to be sent.
•Fill the registration form online
•You have to send back the scanned copies of your documents along with signed form and declaration.
•After verifying your documents IRCTC will direct you to deposit Rs 6000 for creating IRCTC id.
•Digital Certificate will be created for your after OTP and Video Verification
•After you receive Digital Certificate in USB Dongle via courier you have to deposit IRCTC fees.
•After receiving the fees your IRCTC Credentials will be emailed to you.
•Now you can book tickets online for your clients.


As an Agent you will get Rs 20 per PNR in case of Non AC Class & Rs 40 per PNR in case of AC Class and additionally you will also get 1% of transaction amount for value above Rs 2000 and 0.75% of transaction amount for value up to Rs 2000 as a payment gateway charges. Both agent service charges and payment gateway charges will be printed on the ticket copy itself. There is no limitations on the number of tickets you can book in a month, so you can book unlimited number of tickets in the month. Note:- You cannot book the tickets through this login in the morning time between 08:00 – 08:15, 10:00-10:15 and 11:00 -11:15.


1.IRCTC Agency Licence Fees is Rs 8000 with one year validity.

2.Travel IQ Services will charge Rs 10 + GST per PNR from the sub agent.

Complementary Services with the Account

1.Rail Reservation-Direct Agent login

2.Flight Booking –Domestic/International

Document Required

1.Pan Card

2.Aadhar Card (With updated mobile number and email address)

3.Office Address Proof

4.Residential Address Proof

5.Mobile Number (Unique never registered before in IRCTC)

6.Email Address (Unique never registered before in IRCTC)

7.Declaration Form

8.Registration Form

9.Passport size scanned photo (Photo must be printable & clear)


1.You have to provide the OTP sent on your mobile number and email ID.

2.Agent have to create a video with his identity verification and declaration that he is applying for the IRCTC Agency ID.

3.We will send a USB Digital Certificate at your address.

4.Upon receiving the USB Dongle your IRCTC ID will be created.


Get Special IRCTC Digital Signature! Benefits are:

•IRCTC web verifies the identity of the authorized travel agent and only allows genuine agents to book tickets

•No one can book tickets with your login details due to required digital certificate authentication

•Use of digital signatures and electronic documents helps make your online transactions more secure

•Hassle-free transactions: The travel agents can book railway tickets without any hassles

•Agents can book unlimited number of IRCTC e-Tickets

•Issue authorized tickets, without fear of ticket cancellation

•Agents can book Tatkal tickets after 15min of general public opening time

•No trade license is required for railway agency

•Your agency details will get printed in the ticket

•Agent gets direct login in the booking portal

•Railway ticket fare deducted from your wallet, hence ticket is created faster

•Why should I register with IRCTC as an agent whereas I can book tickets through personal ID

1.Legality : The very first point that you must register with IRCTC as an agent if you are selling the tickets because it is not legal to sell train tickets by using personal user ID. As if we get caught selling tickets using personal user ID then this may lead up to 3 years imprisonment and fine which may extend to ten thousand rupees.

2.Unlimited Tickets : As everybody knows that we can book maximum upto 6 tickets in one month using personal ID, but this is not true with agent login, as we can book unlimited number of tickets using agent ID.

3.Recognition : Registering with IRCTC as an agent gives you recognition in travel industry, as this can be the first step for any certificate for any travel agent. Many of the travel consolidators get your contact only thought IRCTC database that can offer you other travel services such as air tickets, holiday packages and so on.

4.Signage : After registration you can put signage / display board in front of your shop that you are an authorized agent to book railway tickets, this can improve your trust factor in the general public, which again boost your business in other directions also.

5.Commission / Service Charges : You must know that IRCTC gives you extra commission and service charges that can be collected from the passenger directly and legally. The charges are printed on the ticket copy itself. This again increase your revenue. So it is not advisable to book the train tickets through personal ID for selling purpose.

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