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•For what reason should I register with IRCTC as an operator though I can book tickets through close to home ID.

1.Legality: The absolute first point that you should enroll with IRCTC as a specialist in the event that you are selling the tickets since it isn't lawful to sell train tickets by utilizing an individual client ID. As though we get discovered selling tickets utilizing individual client ID then this may pave the way to 3 years detainment and fine which may reach out to ten thousand rupees.

2.Unlimited Tickets: As everyone realizes that we can book a limit of up to 6 tickets in a single month utilizing individual ID, yet this isn't valid with operator login, as we can book a boundless number of tickets utilizing specialist ID.

3.Recognition: Registering with IRCTC as an operator gives you acknowledgment in the movement business, as this can be the initial step for any testament for any trip specialist. Huge numbers of the movement consolidators get your contact just idea IRCTC database that can offer you other travel administrations, for example, air tickets, occasion bundles, etc.

4.Signage: After enrollment, you can put signage/show load up before your shop that you are an approved specialist to book railroad tickets, this can improve your trust factor in the overall population, which again supports your business in different ways too.

5.Commission/Service Charges: You should realize that IRCTC gives you additional commission and administration charges that can be gathered from the traveler straightforwardly and lawfully. The charges are imprinted on the ticket duplicate itself. This again expands your income. So it isn't prudent to book the train tickets through close to home ID for selling purposes.


TDR documenting choice through Agent Interface entryway has been made accessible to all ICS Agents. PFA the TDR Filing stream. (allude connection) It is to be seen that, we are additionally sharing the Timelines and approvals/Checks that are to have followed while documenting TDR.


1. If there should be an occurrence of an issue in documenting TDR through operator interface, if you don't mind send TDR documenting solicitation to email-id: from the PSP(Principal Specialist organization) enlisted email id as it were.

2. Just in the event that, TDR Status is "CR Registered" nitty-gritty discount following can be done on the accompanying connection:- This previously mentioned connection ought to be utilized uniquely for those PNRs which have been sent to the railroad zone, for example, TDR Status is "CR Registered".

3. Additionally, when the discount has been handled, this connection should never again be unmistakable.

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